Saturday, 13 August 2011

Was it Worth it?

This is perhaps a very different topic and a more controversial post than is usual for me but its something i've given alot of thought to recently and when I sat down the other night to read through the latest issue of Company I was suprised to see the above article.

With so many graduates unable to find jobs upon finishing university this piece interviews three girls who either did not choose further education or complete a chosen degree. Instead they got themselves jobs and worked their way up within the companies.
One is now a Topshop buyer, one in customer relations for Innocent and the third a project manager for a London advertising agency.

I went to University when I left high school and studied for 5 years in total - 3 for my degree, 1 my honors year both in Glasgow and the final a post graduate diploma in Aberdeen due to limited places at home.
Graduating with a degree in the subject I had always wanted to study was the best feeling in the world but three and a half years on I still haven't secured a job in my chosen profession. I have a job in retail, with the same company I worked with as a student and I have joined the development programme to become a manager here.

My intention in this post is not to complain, I am very grateful to have a ful time job in these hard times of recesssion and a struggling economy, I only wish to discuss my thoughts and hindsight if you will. I was interviewed by a journalist for the Sunday Herald link back in 2009 and was shocked at some of the statistics revealed in the article.

I just often wonder has my degree done much more than cause me debt that I am now attempting to pay back?

The job that I have at the moment does not require my degree and if I had started the same management programme in my student years then I might now be my bosses boss!
I quite often run into people on the same uni course as me and so many of them are in the same situation. A small number have secured jobs and I am in no way envious of this and wish them every success! :)

My student years were great I met some amazing people, lived away from home and learnt alot about myself and my abilities. Alas sometimes when I worry about paying back the money I have borrowed and consider all the years I spent with my nose in books till 2 in the morning or sitting numerous exams I think if I could could go back knowing what I do now would I do it again? ...... I'm really not so sure.

I am in no way discourging anyone from pursuing further study or going after their dream job, I just wondered what everyone else thinks on this topic? Are you in the same situation? Has your degree enabled you to land an amazing job?
Either way i'd love to know....

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