Monday, 11 July 2011



My poor mop has been feeling a tad tired of late having been bleached, blow dried and straightened to within an inch of its life! Although I have been conditioning with treatments, using serums and so on sometimes your hair just needs a rest!
So the past few weeks I have been allowing my hair to dry naturally, keeping brushing to a minimum and waiting longer between washes as I read that washing your hair too often can remove moisture and all the natural oils.

However my hair is a bit well... crazy when left to do its own thing. A bizarre display of flicks, kinks and random waves/curls that quite frankly would warrant use of the phrase 'constant bad hair day'.
So I have been wearing my hair up alot, this allows me to feel the sunshine (when it appears) on my face and I am not bothered by my unruly barnett as I go about my day. 
This therefore has sparked a series of interesting 'up dos' from plaits to twists, quiffs, top knots etc.
The hair style above is just a simple loop pony but with some plaits and sections of my hair clipped back to add texture.
I received compliments on this one from a lady behind me in the Starbucks queue :)
So I challenge you all to give your tresses a well deserved rest and get creative at the same time! Your hair will thankyou for it! xx

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