Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lets catch up with a cuppa...

I havent posted in a while so as I would do with a friend I haven't seen in a while lets have a cuppa and a catch up!
This week has been a semi busy one that has seen some unexpected glorious weather reach Scottish shores - and yes I do mean glorious in the sense that you can sunbathe in your back garden without a cardigan! :)
This hasn't aided in the training programme for my half marathon that I'm supposed to be doing in September but I wont worry my pretty little running shoes about it just yet!!
I've been thinking I'd like to move out once more for various reasons. I had a flat in the Westend of Glasgow with two friends which I gave up and I'm sure many will agree that once you've had a taste of independence its hard to come back and live at home again.
I have my eye on a wee flat to buy this time which means serious saving and a major spending ban to allow for a deposit..yikes!!
I'm changing job roles at work that offers a new challenge for me along with a much earlier morning start and added responsibility. Keep you posted on that one!
Lastly I have been doodling many a new design for my handmade jewellery. I have had alot of feedback when I wear certain pieces such as this cameo pendant..
This is one of my items based on my likes/fashion tastes so I'm thinking I might do more of this, will do a blog post on the new pieces.
Anyway my cuppa is finished so think I'll sign off..I love a good catch up!

Hope everyone elses weeks have been fab? x

The above necklace is listed here HERE.

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