Saturday, 18 June 2011

Shopping Summer in the Rain...

Living in Scotland we receive a limited share of the glorious summer weather, to venture out in a maxi dress or this seasons it wedges would be a little silly! So us Scots wait for that glimpse of Mr Sunshine and instantly change our outfit to suit. So why not be prepared? Why should a little rain put you off?
After all some of the summer sales have started...
So this is just a selection of on trend summer items that I am desperate to fashion as soon as I get the chance to!!

1) The maxi skirt.... Im a huge fan of  the maxi dress of which I currently have three. They are so comfy and versatile,can be dressed up or down and are lifesavers on holiday! However the maxi skirt is something I wasnt sure about, not being the tallest female in the world at just 5'4,  I am still not sure i can pull it off.
Since this was a bargain at only £19 reduced from £38 I snapped it up anyway.
I plan to wear it with a cute denim jacket, gold gladiators and a plain vest top in one of the colours on the skirt.

2) Peach lace straight trousers!
This was another daring purchase! I love the lace trend and thought these would be a bit different.
They have pockets and a cute zip detail at the bottom. These were from h&m and were £24.99.
I plan to wear these with a navy blue vest top and perhaps a long statement necklace.

3) Nautical style navy/white striped mini with orange tie. I actually bought this from the Mango store in Tenerife whilst I was on holiday. I thought it was cute and simple, I'm still loving the nautical trend and I think itl be a definite holiday take with for years to come. I bought an orange vest to wear with at the same time and will team it with flippy flops for day or my beige wedges that I mentioned in a previous post for night.

4) Fuchsia Pink Blazer. Another Tenerife purchase ( it was cloudy alot so we went shopping :) ) and I suppose its not really a necessity the sun be shining to wear this however I long to wear it over a sweet little sundress or with shorts and a plain baggy top.This was from Zara and cost about 60 euros.


So there you have it, I shall keep shopping through the showers cause after all its June and that heatwave has got to be just around the corner!!

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