Sunday, 19 June 2011

A budget pout...

I love an expensive lippy!! YSL is probably my favourite.
Theres just something about the packaging, the richness of colour and the consulatation with the beauty counter person till you find the perfect shade. They line your lips and perform all kinds of wonderous tricks to make you look like you've had a collagen injection let alone bought a new lippy!

However more often than not a girl must look good on a budget and whilst browsing in Boots I realised that there are some great lippys for under £10 in some really fab shades.
These are my two new faves, both by Revlon for the delightful price of only £7.99 each.


The first makes me think of a lippy your nana would have in her handbag especially since its called Carnation! hee hee :)
Its a subtle pink with a slight shimmer that I feel I can wear everyday and its nice when ive heavily eyelined my peepers for a night look.

The second was an experiment as I usually favour anything shimmery, but I am loving the more matt look of this one! Frosted Peach is not a colour I ever thought I would pick but it was a bit different and I like to wear it with very little other makeup to really make it pop!

So there we have it so many colours and brands to choose from! 

What do you think? Has anyone tried any new shades recently?

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