Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The sun, sea and sand of my recent weeks holiday had left my blonde tresses not at their brightest, blondest or healthiest.
I think we all wish we could keep the bright fresh highlighted blonde that comes from a trip to the hairdressers.
I had heard of ‘Silver’ shampoo before my hairdresser had advised me to purchase a bottle if I wanted a more ash blonde look. So off i trotted to Sallys and purchased the ‘Schwarzkopf Colour Save Silver Shampoo’.There was not much change from £10 and I must say after several washes I was not impressed with the result!
However whilst in Lush waiting for my mum to purchase a weekly supply of Comforter Bubble Bar I stumbled across Lush’s own version behold...
Daddy – O

The product promises to ‘banish yellow and keep blonde hair bright and shiny’ and it delivers on that trust me!
Fabulous! Thats how my hair looks, feels, smells.
It’s really brightened up the blonde and my hair is softer - one of the ingredients is coconut oil. Not to mention of course the smell my hair smells fresh and clean and I love being able to smell this on my hair a day after washing. A citrus scent as some of the ingredients include fresh organic lemon and lime juice.
The product is very purple but do not fret as it does not stain your hands or linger in the hair...only the bath tub sorry muma ;) so make sure you catch any drips!
I also think the 100g bottle, that I purchased, is a perfect size for taking on holiday!

Just for proof a pic of my locks post washing with Daddy – O.
So thankyou Lush!! Once again you impress me with another delightful product!
If anybody has any tips for bright blonde tresses I would love to hear them!?

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