Thursday, 26 May 2011

more than a statement ring...

I adore large statement pieces of jewellery, many of my favourite items are bold pieces, unique or handmade containing large coloured stones.
I do also love my collection of costume jewellery and a little over a year ago I started making some of my own ( I shall share some that I have been selling very soon) but its fun to look in markets or boutiques for something a little bit different!

Imagine the grin on my wee sun freckled face when I discovered this baby whilst on holiday with my mum in Tenerife a few weeks ago.

 The ring is handmade with a silver plated metal surround which also encompasses the ring loop part and can be adjusted. Inside the design are 5 beautiful hexagon shaped swarovski crystals arranged in what I can only describe as a kind of flower shape.

I feel the pictures don't really do it justice as in the light the crystals sparkle beautifully against the silver.

The person I bought it from made everything himself and said he also had a stall in Camden, London. There were many items; smaller rings of a similar style, pendants, earings and necklaces all with diiferent coloured crystals.
I also got it for a bargain price considering the amount of work that has went into the design and the number of crystals.

I am so pleased with this find its very different to anything I have and it sounds so silly but when i wear it I can't help but look down at it and watch it sparkle ;)

What do you think?  

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