Sunday, 3 April 2011


I have heard many a mention of the Soap n Glory product range but it was never something I had got around to trying. However the lovely Boots were doing a delightful 3 for 2 offer so i figured that was reason enough to cure my curiousity.
Upon casting my eyes over what seemed an endless number of products i came across the newest additions , a skin care range.
I purchased ‘Scrub your Nose in It’ and ‘Glow Job’ the names make me giggle such a clever and quirky marketing tool.
Normally i am very reluctant to buy skin products other than what i have been using  for years. Ive had a lot of problems with my skin in the past and it reacts to almost anything new i use but i havent yet experienced any problems after several weeks of use.
Scrub your Nose In It, is a face scrub that can also be used as a mask. The product has a beautiful minty aroma and means to ‘refine large pores and prevent blemishes’.
I think it is fabulous!! I use it 2/3 times week and i am left with that deep clean face sensation and i have noticed my skin is less oily after use.
Glow Job is a moisturiser that has micro bronzer beads. I selected this product to try for i was getting fed up wearing heavy foundation to work everyday and wanted a cheaper alternative!
I have definitely found it. When rubbed together between your fingers the beads burst and release tan so you get a sort of tinted moisturiser effect. It doesn’t give u a deep colour, more of a subtle glow, but a swipe of bronzer on top is my solution. Its a product i also think i would take on holiday to wear once ive caught a bit of sun.
These are two great products that i highly recommend trying and have helped me begin a new addiction to the world of Soap And Glory products that i feel will only worsen from hereafter.
They have a great website also that I discovered the other day if you wish to take a peek

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