Wednesday, 7 September 2011


In the past I have been guilty of putting my nails through hell weekly applications and infills for acrylic nails have left them weak and short. However since my holiday this year and the state my nails were left in after I bit off each individual nail I promised myself never
I love to paint my nails various outfit coordinating colours as I hate au naturale nails however at work dress standards do not allow for this. I have found myself at many a monday meeting after a weekend off trying to hide my fingers. :)
So I went in search of a solution and I stumbled across this fabulous product that I had to share.

#130 Rose Poudre

This stuff is fabulous!! The colour is a pinky nude so looks quite on trend but natural enough that it doesnt really look as if you are wearing nail varnish. It contains calcium and iron which has really helped strenthen my nails and as a result they have grown to a reasonable length again. Two good coats lasts easily 4 to 5 days without having to reapply or any chipping.

So if you fancy giving your nails a treat give it a try...X

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lets catch up with a cuppa....very overdue!

I have been absent from my blog for a while, for this I have my reasons.
I have been unwell, a very nasty flu left me unable to move from my bed for about a week..this frustrated me somewhat as I am not good at doing nothing. However after tlc from Mum, antibiotics ,loads of sleep and hot Irn Bru (yes I know this sounds bizarre but it works!) I am feeling more like my healthy self again.
This of course means that I missed out on taking part in my half marathon Glasgow run for charity, but theres always next time! I am so proud of my work collegues who took part and acheived impressive times on the day!

I have also had a few developments in the career portion of my life that has kept me preoccupied and changed a few of my plans.
I have not mentioned much about my career on my blog as its a bit of a stumbling block to say the least. I graduated from University almost three years ago now and still havent managed to secure a job in my desired profession. Myself and many others graduated at the wrong time on the brink of a recession and as difficult as it is to deal with this at times staying positive is the key! Just keep trying and it will happen for you!!
Ive recently been given the opportunity to work one day a week with a firm and the possibility of securing a full time position and I am very excited!
In other news I have changed the colour of my barnett and seen a dramatic difference in the condition of my hair :) very happy. Instead of blonde my hair is now a shade of auburn and as close to my natural colour as it has been in years!

From this...

To this....

Anyway that concludes my catch up I've actually had more than one cuppa but I am recovering after all! :)
I have more posts to follow and some new handmade jewellery is also on its way.

I hope everyone else is well and happy!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Floaty and Rainy...OOTD

So I notice that this autumn/winter floaty dresses are to stay with a lot of Topshops influences LINK from the swinging sixties pretty collars and cuffs nipped in at the waist and skirts that allow a good twirl! :)
Popping into town for a few bits and bobs I decided it was a dress day! So I pulled out this little number from h&m last year. At the time I loved the button up detailing and the ruffles as well as the fact that it was long sleeved. The leather looking beige jacket was my sisters also from h&m - my little poppet has an amazing wardrobe that I frequently borrow from, felt it made the outfit less girly.

I finished the outfit with a sweet little silver stoned bracelet my Mum bought me on holiday,black tights and a pair of black pumps ( hate that word but shoes implies the type you wore to school ha ha)

Just as I closed the clasp on my bracelet the heavens opened but I wasn't for getting changed! Off I went wet feet, soggy tights...sighs the sacrifices made for fashion...x